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About Lothos

Born in 1979, I got into computers at around age 10, calling local BBSes (Bulletin Board Systems, message boards accessed by dialing a specific computer via modem). I first discovered the internet around 1990, using email, ftp, archie, irc, and gopher (a text-based precurser to the web). Around 1992 I became interested in the hacking / phone phreaking (hacking the phone system) scene, and became pretty active in the local 612/Minneapolis area hacking scene.

In early 1998 I joined the Legions of the Underground started by my good friend optiklenz. LoU is best known for hacking Time Warner, hacking the "Great FireWall of China," and hacking 24,000 Japanese domains at once which is the largest mass hack in history. I have published articles in the LoU ezine Keen Veracity, and was editer of the last issue. I resigned from Legions on October 6, 2005.

In 1999 and 2000 I put together a computer security convention called RootFest, held in the Minneapolis area. Noted speakers included Bruce Schneier, Adam L Beberg, Peter Shipley, optiklenz, and others. It was the first of its kind in the midwest, and drew about 300 people each year.

I have worked in mainframe operations, network and systems administration, and computer security doing penetration testing and network audits. I specialize in unix administration, and unix and network security. Other areas of interest include networking and communications, encryption and cryptography, security, cellular technology, and improving my web design skills. When I'm not sitting in front of a computer I enjoy music, movies, photography, and hanging out with friends.

Feel free to send me email. You can encrypt it with my GPG Key available here or on any public keyserver.

GPG Key Fingerprint: D1FC 3994 C746 7CCC FA4B 5B80 E795 DE6A 72A0 14AC

Update 2021/01/26: New GPG ed25519 key listed

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