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Current Projects

SecureThe.Net is my pet project right now. The goal is to design and maintain a community driven directory of computer security related websites, along with original content, articles and profiles of famous members of the security community, both blackhat and whitehat. The website is up and running at www.securethe.net. Currently working on propogating the directory with links.


I'm working on a book. It is fiction about hackers, set in the not-too-distant future. Kind of a cyberpunk style, but realistic, and everything in the book is technically possible. No clue on release date. Just something I work on in what little spare time I have.

Security Consulting

I'm working on setting up some security consulting gigs for business and home users. Custom firewalls, penetration testing, and wireless and spyware for the home user.

Wireless Research

Lately I've really gotten into the wireless side of networking, wireless security, and wardriving (driving around to locate wireless access points). I'm finishing a paper on 802.11 wardriving and security to be released on my website in the near future.

Completed Projects

Keen Veracity and LoU

I have released Keen Veracity issue 14, available in my papers section here or from the Keen Veracity archive at legions.org. I have resigned my membership in Legions of the Underground of which I have been a member since 1998. The #legions @undernet channel ownership has been transfered to DigiEbola.

#legions @undernet

#legions was registered on June 20th, 2005. Thanks to everyone who helped with the registration process.


RootFest was my computer security / hackers convention, much like defcon. It was held in May 1999 and June 2000. Speakers included Bruce Schneier, Peter Shipley, Adam L Beberg and others. The domain registration lapsed late last year and some squatter snatched it before the redemption period ended, and has it up for resale. There is an article about what happened up at the rootfest.net page, and I'm also selling RootFest t-shirts to support my lawsuit against the squatters. I would like to do another convention someday, and getting back the domain will be a first step.

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