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New GPG Key

I've upgraded my PGP key from 1024 bits to 2048. My new key is available on my About page and the keyservers. The old key was used to sign the new key, and then the old key was revoked. If you have my old key, please update to the new one.


Moved to new host

I moved this domain to a new host. The old one went down.


New Lothos.org graphic

I made a new logo for this site. I don't know if I like it better than the old one or not. I think maybe the old one fit the look of the site better, but I like the new one. If you still see the old one, hold down shift and hit the refresh button in your browser.


RootFest t-shirts!

Get your RootFest t-shirt today! These shirts were designed by me for my RootFest computer security convention. Definetly one of a kind! There's a limited supply, and once they're gone, they're gone. These make great gifts, get yours today!



I've put together a little website, NatashaForever, for people to remember Natasha Grigori.


R.I.P Natasha

Natasha Grigori, the founder of AntiChildPorn.Org has passed away at approximately 9:30 PM CST this eveneing. I volunteered for ACPO for 7 years, over which time Natasha became a close personal friend and mentor, and she will be greatly missed.


Site Update

I finally got around to working on the About page. That was the final page that needed to be completed, and has been updated. I played around with some photo gallery scripts today, working on a gallery page for the site. Hopefully we'll have a photo gallery up soon.


Apparently my site looked like shit in IE

Apparently my site looked like shit in Internet Explorer. I don't use windows, I've been using openbsd exclusively since 1998 or so. Internet Explorer is the only browser that does not correctly display transparent .png images, so my graphics had a white background to them. Yuck. The tables also didn't correctly display in Internet Explorer, which was probably my fault. Both issues have been fixed. Thanks to mosthated and danny\ for bringing this to my attention.


Welcome to Lothos.org

Welcome to Lothos.org, my little home on the 'net.


Lothos.org site re-design

I've been working on re-designing the web page, since the old page looks so old school. I wasn't really happy with the old site design, but it was something simple that I could put up pretty quickly. I like the new design a lot better, it looks more professional. The graphics were created using GIMP, and the html development was done by hand using the pico unix text editer.


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